Welcome to the SMU student housing portal.

This portal is for undergraduate students. Please select an application from the options above and in the menu.

2021-2022 Housing Applications

  • New students (first year & transfers): Available in February 2021 for students admitted to SMU who have paid the enrollment deposit. Students will be notified when the portal is ready.
  • Returning students: Reapplication is still available for students who are required to live on-campus. The deadline to reapply and participate in Room selection was March 1. See our website for details Applications after March 1 are assigned by RLSH on a space available basis.
  • Juniors & Seniors: At this time we are not able to accept applications from continuing students who are not required to live on-campus. Assignment for students not required to live on-campus is on a space-available basis and is not guarnateed.
  • New Grad students: Applications for the waiting list only are available. Please contact our office.

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